Send a reminder for developer role

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Send a reminder for developer role

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I am using Mantis

When I log in as a developer and the bug is at the "Resolved" status, I do not see a "Send a Reminder" link. If I log in as a manager, I see the link just fine. Is there a configuration that control if the "Send a Reminder" would show up in the "Resolved" status? How can I get the "Send a Reminder" link to show up for developer role?

Additionally, when logging in as a developer, I cannot set the status to "Confirm". I can do this as manager. Is this a configuration thing? I just cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Can someone please help.


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Both of these are configurable. The reminders are controlled by the "Send reminders" line on the Manage Workflow Thresholds page. The access levels required to change status are listed at the bottom of the Manage Workflow page.
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