Where do I customize the tables on the Issues view pages ???

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Where do I customize the tables on the Issues view pages ???

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Where do I customize the table on the (view single Issue) page
or the table headings on the "view issues" page ???


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Are you looking to change the arrangement of the information, or the language? If the latter, there are language files that define all of the strings and allow customization. See http://manual.mantisbt.org/manual.custo ... ations.php for some pointers on adding language strings.

If you want to rearrange the information on the single bug view page, there is currently no way to do this other than editing the appropriate php files (bug_view_page.php and bug_view_advanced_page.php). The columns in the bug listing can be customized. See http://www.futureware.biz/blog/index.ph ... &tb=1&pb=1 .
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