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Mantis Cookies

Post by ElgerJ »


I am using 1.0.0rc1 on a non-modified XAMPP distribution. Whenever i try to login i get the following message: "Your browser either doesn't know how to handle cookies, or refuses to handle them."
I tried with IE and Firefox after i haxored my username in the mantis_user table.

Installing was no problem.

Any help would be great. If someone wants more details, i can give it.


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Post by thraxisp »

Mantis uses cookies to pass information between pages. Your browser is probably configured not to accept cookies, or the cookie domain and the web page domain don't match.
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Post by Apivita »


I created a login page in order to make double login for both mantis and horde but when I put my login.php file outside the mantis folder it doesn't work. If I put it in the mantis folder it works perfectly and logs me in. I suppose it has to do with the domain cookie. How can I avoid this? The message when my script is outside the mantis folder is the same as ElgerJ's message.

Any ideas please? For example should I pass some specific value in a parameter like $f_from = gpc_get_string( 'from', '' ); ???

Thanks in advance for your reply. :)

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Re: Mantis Cookies

Post by ravindra »

Hi Elger,

Did you found any solution for this, please let me know as I too getting the same issue.

Thanks & Regards,

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Re: Mantis Cookies

Post by vboctor »

Search for the word "cookie" in config_defaults_inc.php to know the configuration options that you may need to tune. The ones I think will need to alter are:


Are you using sub-domains? If so, then you will need to setup cookie domain to:

"" -- notice the dot before
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Re: Mantis Cookies

Post by m.abdullah »

Hi ElgerJ ,
I've having this issue now, so i'm trying to investigate the cause of the problem.
May i know does your webpage or domain has any special character in it like "_"?

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