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Sub Projects

Post by dyawlak »

I have a user who I have granted Admin rights to a particular project. He needs to be able to add "new" sub projects to it. However, the only option available is to add existing ones. Is there any way to grant permission to create new sub-projects only in the projects he has admin over?

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Re: Sub Projects

Post by atrol »

AFAIK, you can't achieve this in a clean way by configuration

there is this right available:
$g_create_project_threshold = ADMINISTRATOR;
but not something like:
$g_create_subproject_threshold = ADMINISTRATOR;

If this is no security risc for you, you could change
manage_proj_edit_page.php by removing the access check

Feel free to submit a feature request in the MantisBT issue tracker to have a clean solution for it in future versions.
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