Show current project in title

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Show current project in title

Post by eanon »

When all projects are privates and a user is assigned to one project only, nothing tell him, on screen, the name of this project (unless going on an issue view, of course). So, is there a way to display* the current project name at the top of all the pages ?

* Like requested in this ticket (open since 2011) :

EDIT : Ok, awaiting an official way, I've added the line below between line 558 and 559 of the current "core/html_api.php" file :

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echo 'Project : ' . project_get_field( $t_project_id, 'name' ); // displays project name when no combo-box
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Re: Show current project in title

Post by emphyrio »


It seems that it hasn't been officially implemented yet.
Do you know where to put your line in the latest version (2.10)?

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Re: Show current project in title

Post by Starbuck »

Good topic for a plugin discussion.
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