Auto-Close plugin for 2.x

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Auto-Close plugin for 2.x

Post by RedSpider »

Does anybody know if there is an updated version of that works with 2.x?

I tried to have a bash at making it work myself but wasn't able to get it working. Few things i noticed:

Cron job didn't work
Always close the issue as me instead of the user i selected on the config page
no option to specify a resolution, so the issue would end up as Status: Closed, Resolution: Open

If anyone can make this 2.x compatible it would be much appreciated as this is much needed (would be nice if this was a native feature tbh) :D

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Re: Auto-Close plugin for 2.x

Post by Starbuck »

I tend to think of "customizations" as including plugins, but more general in nature.
Now that we have the new plugins forum it might be better to pull this discussion over there so that we can talk about plugin-specific details.
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