Dynamic change of the workflow (customizing transition)

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Dynamic change of the workflow (customizing transition)

Post by jeromedl » Jun 06, 2018 11:13 am


I would like to customize my workflow so that some transitions could be invalidated depending on the context.
Use case:
  • Let's say my classic workflow is made of 4 states : {A} ➡️ {B} ➡️ {C} ➡️ {D}
  • Let's say I have another transitional status "Z" that could be reached from statuses "B" and "C": {B} ➡️ [Z] or {C} ➡️ [Z]
  • Being in "Z" status, I want to be able to go back to "B" or "C" ( {Z} ➡️ {B} or {Z} ➡️ {C} ) but I want to restrict my workflow so that I only can transit from Z to C if the previous status was C – same thing for B)
  • So I want to authorize {B} ➡️{Z}➡️{B} or {C}➡️{Z}➡️{C}
  • But I want to forbid {B} ➡️{Z}➡️{C} and [C]➡️{Z}➡️{B}

I've been looking for a solution with plugin (but no event raises for transition list) or with custom functions but nothing seems appropriate except hacking the core of Mantis.

Any suggestion except duplicating Z status?
Thanks in advance :)

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