Notes are disappearing?

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Notes are disappearing?

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Afternoon everyone. A few of my users have been experiencing problems recently with notes disappearing after a new note being added.

For example; Entering this string in a note will result in the note showing up as blank and not displaying any notes after it:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at (<- TAB before the "at")

Through trial and error i have managed to narrow it down to the fact that a TAB character is included in that block. Now what is confusing me is that my mantis install hasn't been changed or updated and previously blocks of text similar to above have been presented in notes with no ill effects. So i guess my questions are should notes within Mantis be able to handle TAB characters and / or has this issue been addressed in a later version of the software?

My Mantis version is: 2.5.1

Thanks all!
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