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View all bug access, Real names and customizing bug view

Post by jonsrob »

Hello, i am trying to customize Mantis - it should work as internal helpdesk in our company. I want to make it much simplier, i customized report page, my view etc. Iam not able to solve these 3 things though:

Question 1:

If an user has the reporter role - he shouldnt be able to see view_all_bug_page.php. He shouldnt be able to check other issues where he is not reporter (except of monitoring maybe).

I tried this in config_inc (it worked for hiding changelog: $g_view_changelog_threshold = NOBODY;)

So i tried this:
$g_view_all_bug_threshold = UPDATER;

It does not seem to work. Reporter still has the view all bug page in the menu. I found this older topic, but it does not seem the same thing. I dont think it is good idea to change anyhthing in the core.

Question 2:

In bug view page i would like to remove (or hide) severity, status (public) and resolution

I have only found what to show:

$g_bug_view_page_fields = array('selection','edit','id','project_id','reporter_id','handler_id','priority','reproducibility','projection','eta','resolution','view_state','date_submitted','attachment_count','category','sponsorship_total','status','last_updated','summary','bugnotes_count','description','attachment');

Sadly after this there were missing things like date of report etc. I would be simplier to insert command for hiding...

Question 3:

I would like to show real names (at least in comments/notes). We are using LDAP.

In config_inc i set this:

# --- Real names ---
# $g_show_realname = ON;
# $g_show_user_realname_threshold = REPORTER; # Set to access level (e.g. VIEWER, REPORTER, DEVELOPER, MANAGER, etc)

and this:

$g_log_level = LOG_LDAP;
$g_log_destination = 'file:/path way';

$g_login_method = LDAP;#PLAINT;

$g_ldap_server = (ldap ip adress)
#$g_ldap_port = (ldap port)
$g_ldap_root_dn = 'dc=(name of company)';
$g_ldap_protocol_version = 3;
$g_ldap_realname_field = 'cn';
$g_ldap_bind_dn = 'cn=hmldap,ou=admins,dc=(name of company)';
$g_ldap_bind_passwd = '(password)';
$g_ldap_uid_field = 'sAMAccountName';
$g_use_ldap_realname = ON;
$g_use_ldap_email = ON;
$g_use_ldap_realname_reg = ON;
$g_use_ldap_email_reg = ON;
$g_ldap_follow_referrals = OFF;

It does not work though.

Thanks for a reply.
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