forms blanked after error on submit

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forms blanked after error on submit

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Our site has had aggravated bug testers for YEARS because of how MantisBT interacts with forms & caching. Whether it is because of expired security token or submissions not having data in required fields, failed "Submit Issue" errors can cause the form to be blanked. And then we have a VERY irate volunteer who decides not to do all that effort over again.

I am SURE that there are technical solutions. We applied them (or retrained users) over & over again. But, then suddenly again, the problem pops up again.

I've come to the conclusion that only power users can configure their servers & end-user systems to avoid the Browser occasionally blanking a completed new submission. And that's simply drives away bug testers. Our project is all volunteers and can't afford to alienate people willing to work for free.

So I'm asking if a new preference can't be added to the user configuration where, by default, the user is eMailed a draft of their report at intervals. (Which should be slightly LESS than the security token expiration.) Or upon "Submit Issue" if that interval has not elapsed. The drafts should have a footer note which has a link to user preferences for disabling 'drafts' eMailing.

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