Implementation of SOAP API

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Implementation of SOAP API

Post by jcordes74 »

In the Admin Guide, section 4.1, it says that SOAP API can be used to generate tickets automatically. Then in the Developers Guide, section 7, it says very little how to use it the SOAP API to do this task. I don't know how to get started to generate tickets automatically.
Things I've tried:
- I downloaded ... are.mantis but not sure what to do from there
- Tried visiting https://[SERVER_NAME].com/mantis/api/soap/mantisconnect.php and it wasn't avaliable. I tried reaching it via the web interface but I don't think that is possible.
- Tried searching for it in the forums hoping someone else couldn't figure it out either...appears it's just me that's struggling with this though :oops:

Anything someone can offer to help would be appreciated.
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Re: Implementation of SOAP API

Post by rfeldbauer »

Since the Developer's Guide says that the SOAP API is deprecated, I'm thinking you won't have a lot of luck finding information.
The Dev Guide mentions the url (which is a dead link). However, I Googled mantis/api/soap/mantisconnect.php and found some old stuff here: ... .soap.html

Hope that helps.
Maybe you can use the REST API instead.
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Re: Implementation of SOAP API

Post by atrol » has to be replaced by your own server in the URL
To get the WSDL you can use ?wsdl in URL, .e.g. ... t.php?wsdl

Using the REST API is certainly the better option when starting with something new.
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