More entries in mail_strip_signature_delim

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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More entries in mail_strip_signature_delim

Post by gurksallad »

According to the manual for mail_strip_signature_delim there can only be one entry. We use "-- " (dash dash space) and it works.

However, many mails are sent from mobile and they have all kind of different signatures other than "-- ", like "Sent from my Samsung", "Sent from my Android", "Use Hotmail on iPhone today", etc, often in multiple languages. These are clearly signatures that we'd like to put in the config so EmailReporting can strip all the junk immediately (we do it manually today and it's very tedious).

Is there any way we could make mail_strip_signature_delim accept more than one kind of signature?
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Re: More entries in mail_strip_signature_delim

Post by SL-Gundam »

This functionality was build with the idea of multiline delimiter.
So making it multiple different delimiters would be problematic (not impossible).
But for EmailReporting 0.11.0-DEV we went a different direction. We replaced this functionality with EmailReplyParser.
Ideally this addition can recognise more variations of signatures and replies.
Please try 0.11.0-DEV and see whether it works for you. ... NGELOG.txt
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