Using Mantis to create forms

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Using Mantis to create forms

Post by mcoursolle »

I have created several custom fields that I successfully assigned to a project.

However, if I later on remove a custom field from the project, I would still like this custom field to persist in issues in which it was available when they were created. The same way, if I add a new custom field, I would like this custom field not to appear in the issues that were created before this addition.

Is there a way to achieve such behaviour?

I am using Mantis 2.5.1.

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Re: Using Mantis to create forms

Post by atrol »

There is non configuration option for it, thus you would have to write a plugin or change source of Mantis.
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Re: Using Mantis to create forms

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It would be usefull, to configure a Custom Field Use of a period of time, or to use of such a project, or both of them.
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