What are projects in MantisBT

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What are projects in MantisBT

Post by oluochb »

Hey everyone.
I am getting to learn mantisBT. However, I would like someone to define further or simplify the definition of a project in Mantis BT and how these are important.
Your help will be appreciated.

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Re: What are projects in MantisBT

Post by cas »

Ask yourself the question for what do I want to use mantis, that will give you your answers.
If it is about tracking bugs of software developments, each major software development would be a project, minor activities within that same major development could be seen as a sub-project.
It all depends on the initial question why you think you need Mantis. :mrgreen:

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Re: What are projects in MantisBT

Post by Starbuck »

If you want Mantis to work differently, use or create a plugin. Visit the Plugins forums.
Ask developers to create a plugin that you need - and motivate them to help you!

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