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Post by federico » Jun 13, 2019 10:43 am


I need to extend the project table with a discriminator to diferentiate project types. I do not know what strategy is better for my plugin:

a) alter the project table to add a new column for my discriminator, and write this column after inserting with the api
b) create a new table with a 1_1 relationship with the project table, and perform a transaction after inserting the project with the api
c) whatever unknown, already existing in mantis to manage this case

In a) and b) cases, I supose it is possible to alter or create the new table from the schema function, but in any case, I would need to perform a transaction to ensure the data integrity, and I did not found documentation about how to do it.

Is it possible something like OSIV pattern between EVENT_LAYOUT_CONTENT_BEGIN and EVENT_LAYOUT_CONTENT_END (instead of the start/end response events)?
Does the error support allows to capture if there were an error in the EVENT_LAYOUT_CONTENT_END, to perform rollback, and otherwise commit?

Thank you.

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