Sequence mantis_user_table_id_seq :: currval

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Sequence mantis_user_table_id_seq :: currval

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I've an issue since i've migrate to a PostGreSQL database.

When i try to create a new user; i got the following message [...] ERROR: currval of sequence "mantis_user_table_id_seq" is not yet defined in this session pour la requête : SELECT currval('mantis_user_table_id_seq'); [...]

The user exists in database but the is is null 8O

The query in a in client SELECT currval('mantis_user_table_id_seq'); give me the same error

If i execute; SELECT nexvat('mantis_user_table_id_seq');, i've a reply and the query SELECT currval('mantis_user_table_id_seq'); is OK

What is wrong on this point ?

Thanks a lot for your help
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