Mantis mysql database upgrade problem

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Mantis mysql database upgrade problem

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I am upgrading our Mantis from 1.1.7 to 2.24.2.

When I do upgrade my mysql database, the following error is displayed.

The upgrade process is trying to create the following tables
1) mantis_plugin_table
2) mantis_category_table
3) mantis_bug_revision_table

As these tables are already existing, I have renamed.

After sometime, this error displayed

Schema step 140: AddColumnSQL ( mantis_tokens_table )
ALTER TABLE mantis_tokens_table ADD timestamp_int INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1
Invalid default value for 'timestamp'

Please anyone advise how to resolve this.

Our environment
Mysql 8.0 database server
PHP 7.2
RedHot 8.0
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