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Account depending view

Post by keimpe »

For MantisHub:

We want to add third parties such as suppliers, contractors but also departments of our own company to a project, but only give them access to their own issues.
One supplier or department can have more mantis accounts for example project manager and few engineers.
To do this we want to group accounts under a group name.
During Report issue it should be possible to select a group.
And only when the group name is selected the issue is shown and accessible.

It is possible without account groups by just connecting accounts to an enumeration value:
The plugin should add a custom field “Supplier” or ‘department’ or ‘third party’ (name should be customizable) type enumeration where a list of suppliers or contractors can be added, for example supplier1, supplier2, etc.
Then for each enumeration value you can select/connect accounts (or account group).
When you report an issue you can select an enumeration value (supplier1, supplier2, department A, etc)
Then only the issues that are connected via the enumeration value to the active account will be shown and accessible.
So, a user can only view/access all issues that have the enumeration value connected to his account.
This conditional access only applies to all connected accounts.

Actually, this is just an account specific permanent filter on a custom enumeration field.
The plugin should set a permanent issue filter to filter only the value of the custom field (e.g.Supplier1, Supplier2 etc) depending of the account.

Or private view status depending on custom field connected to account

Can someone react how to do this?
Or is this functionality already existing in Mantis ?
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Re: Account depending view

Post by cas »

you could work with a top-project and sub-projects, all private projects.
Next you give people access to the various projects with the correct role.
This however brings additional maintenance on your user administration but on the positive side, multiple assignments are possible which will not be the case with a single value on account level.
So yes, you can achieve this out of the box :mrgreen:
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