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Upload of XML attachments hangs

Posted: 21 Oct 2022, 16:04
by grante
[MantisBT 2.25.2 Schema Version 211]

I've recently run into a problem where upload of certain XML files as
attachments hangs forever at the 100% mark.

Oddly, it seems to be a combination of content and filename.

Changing the filename to various non .xml names doesn't help.

Putting the file in an uncompressed .tar archive does not help.

Putting the file in a compressed .tar.gz archvie works.

Encrypting the file (ccrypt with AES256) does not help if the filename
is unchanged. If the filename is changed so it doesn't end in .xml,
then the encyrpted file uploads OK.

I _think_ the clients are connecting through Cloudflare to the Apache
server, so it's quite possibly a Cloudflare issue. But, I thought I'd
ask about it here just in case somebody recognizes this as a MantisBT
problem (that's hopefully been fixed). I couldn't find anything
similar searching the forum or bugtracker, so I'm not optimistic.



Re: Upload of XML attachments hangs

Posted: 21 Oct 2022, 16:35
by grante
And of course it's a Cloudflare issue. After a bit of futzing around,
I figured out how to bypass the Cloudflare CDN and connect the browser
directly to the Apache server where MantisBT is running, and the XML
files in question upload/attach just fine.

That means that nobody will tell you what about the files is
problematic or what to do about it. After all, we wouldn't want the bad
guys to know how to get "evil" uploads past Cloudflare...

Sorry for the noise...