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Migrating 1.2.15 to 2.5.1

Posted: 27 Oct 2022, 18:17
by boss10
Our team has created a new DB for a new project. The easiest solution was to copy our legacy Mantis 1.2.15 version (as it contains significant customizations + workflow) over to this new project (new URL/DB etc.). However, we are approved to use version 2.5.1 and thought it would be a good time to upgrade to the new GUI etc.

My question - The legacy 1.2.15 version has many customizations (most of which I cannot begin to find/determine as the individual has moved on) and not sure what the best approach is. As it stands now, we have version 2.5.1 up-and-running and pointed to our new DB (which is identical to the legacy version 1.2.15). Would the customizations in the 1.2.15 scripts need to be rewritten and brought into the new 2.5.1 version? As mentioned, we're not even entirely sure of where all the customizations are located and almost seems as it would be extremely painful to determine that. Any suggestions on a correct path forward for this migration?

Thank you!

Re: Migrating 1.2.15 to 2.5.1

Posted: 28 Oct 2022, 08:34
by cas
Simple answer boss10, perhaps not all but all will need a review and most likely most need to be adjusted in some cases rewritten.
If you use any plugins, all need to be rewritten (except for the ones that come with Mantis of course).