Changing default status and resolution valid combinations

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Changing default status and resolution valid combinations

Post by Tak-MK »

Hi there!

Given this explanation --> ... resolution

Can I set up different status-resolution valid combinations? My idea is:
Status "Queued" --> Resolution "Checking" (this status-resolution is set up for reopened tickets too)
Status "Done" --> Resolution "Repaired" or "For parts".

Right now the combination of status "Done" and resolution "Checking" is valid, and I want to avoid that.
I suppose another way of doing this would be using default IDs and just renaming the status-resolutions?

These are my settings related to it:

Code: Select all


define( 'Queued', 71 );
define( 'Done', 72 );

define( 'Repaired', 75 );
define( 'For parts', 76 );
define( 'Checking', 77 );

Code: Select all

$s_status_enum_string = '71:Queued,72:Done';
$s_resolution_enum_string = '75:Repaired,76:For parts,77:Checking';

$s_Queued_bug_title = 'Queued';
$s_Queued_bug_button = 'Queued';
$s_Done_bug_title = 'Done';
$s_Done_bug_button = 'Done';

Code: Select all

$g_status_enum_string = '71:Queued,72:Done';
$g_resolution_enum_string = '75:Repaired,76:For parts,77:Checking';
$g_default_bug_resolution = Checking;
$g_bug_reopen_resolution = Checking;
$g_bug_readonly_status_threshold = Done;
$g_bug_resolved_status_threshold = Done;
$g_bug_resolution_fixed_threshold = Repaired;
$g_bug_resolution_not_fixed_threshold = For_parts;

$g_status_colors['Queued'] = '#FFCD84';
$g_status_colors['Done'] = '#D2F5B0';
Thanks a lot!
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