Mantis install.php shows "BAD, database is not supported by PHP"

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Mantis install.php shows "BAD, database is not supported by PHP"

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The goal is to configure MantisBT to use an Oracle database with PHP7 on a RHEL server.
We installed the required Oracle Instant Client libraries and the php-oci8 package using Yum.
We verified that the oci8 PHP extension is enabled and loaded correctly by running the command php -i | grep oci8.
When running the MantisBT installation script, we encountered the error message "BAD, database is not supported by PHP".
We confirmed that the Oracle Instant Client libraries are installed and the oci8 extension is loaded correctly, so the issue is likely related to the Oracle database configuration or the MantisBT configuration file (config_inc.php).
We suggest checking the Oracle database configuration to ensure that it is configured to allow connections from the server and that the connection details in the MantisBT configuration file match the database configuration.
If further troubleshooting is needed, we recommend consulting the MantisBT documentation or support forums for specific guidance on troubleshooting database connectivity issues.
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