plugin mantisbt_autosuggest

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plugin mantisbt_autosuggest

Post by melcie »


We are interested by the plugin mantisbt_autosuggest, but its installation fails because our MantisBT version is 2.25.x
Could it be possible to allow newer MantisBT releases ?
I add a quick look at the code, and it seems that the code checks that Mantis version is 2.2.x (I am not a PHP expert, though)

Maybe have you another solution equivalent to this plugin ?

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Re: plugin mantisbt_autosuggest

Post by cas »

open autosuggest.php and change the line

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 'MantisCore' => '2.2',
To :

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'MantisCore'       => '2.0.0',
If that does not work, contact the creators (which you already did) :mrgreen:
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