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-====== Mantis Frequently Asked Questions ====== 
-===== Customisation ===== 
-==== How do I customise Severities, Priorities and Statuses? ==== 
-See [[http://​​manual.customizing.mantis.enumerations.php|Customising Enumerations]] in the Mantis manual. 
-===== Support ===== 
-==== How do I get help? ==== 
-  * Use [[http://​|Mantis Forums]] or //​mantisbt-help at lists dot sourceforge dot net// for posting questions. ​ Our preference goes to the forums. 
-  * Use //​mantisbt-dev at lists dot sourceforge dot net// for development related discussions. 
-  * Use [[http://​|Mantis Bugtracker]] for reporting feature requests and bugs. 
-  * Use [[http://​|Mantis Manual]] comments to identify a problem with the documentation or to contribute hints that are ought to be part of the documentation. 
-  * Use //​mantisbt-lang at lists dot sourceforge dot net// for discussions relating to localisation to a specific language. 
-===== Contributing ===== 
-==== How do I contribute patches? ==== 
-  * If you are about to implement a major feature, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with the developers. ​ Such interaction will make it much more likely that your mods be applied to Mantis distribution. 
-  * Patches should be attached to a [[http://​|Mantis Bugtracker]] issue. 
-  * A patch should be attached as a single zip or .tar.gz file. 
-  * A patch should include a copy of all new files / modified files as well as a diff (patch) file (if possible). 
-  * A patch should only contain one feature. ​ If a patch has a mixed bag of features, it makes it harder to understand and apply. 
-  * If you require feedback from developers relating to the patch, then post a message to //​mantisbt-dev at lists dot sourceforge dot net// which refers to the issue including your patch. ​ Ideally, the feedback will be added to the issue as notes. ​ If not, then the patch owner should summarise the feedback as notes. 
-  * Fixes and updates to the patch should be attached to the same issue as should be marked clearly. ​ With every attachment there should be a note that refers to the file name and specifies the updates done. 
-  * Join Mantis IRC channel for realtime discussions with developers. 
-  * Patches should following Mantis coding style. 
-  * Keep your patches up-to-date as new Mantis versions are released. 
-==== How do I become a Mantis developer? ==== 
-  * Contribute patches that follow the above guidelines. 
-  * Join the developers on the IRC channel. 
-  * Participate/​Contribute to [[http://​|Mantis Forums]]. 
-  * Participate/​Contribute to mailing lists. 
-==== How do I contribute localisation to a new language? ==== 
-  * Use ''​strings_english.txt''​ as the basis for the new localisation file. 
-  * Consider using UTF8 encoding. 
-  * Submit an issue into the [[http://​|Mantis Bugtracker]] and attach a compressed version of the file. 
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