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Requirements for Class based Filter API


The codebase for filter api is overly complicated and confusing both from a users perspective and a developers perspective. A class based filter api would:

  • Simplify the codebase
  • Increase maintainability
  • Enable greater filter customization
  • Allow a simpler user interface

Implementation Notes

The default simple filter would be a Google-like single textbox.

  • It may include a select list of fields to search.
  • The current search field searches the summary, description, steps to reproduce, additional information, issue bugnotes, bug id, and bugnote id fields.
    • The new search may include those fields as well as text based custom fields, tags, and in the future, expand to other fields.

Database Changes

  • Alter/Create/Drop <mantis_XXX_table>
    • Add/Drop <column> <type>

Hookable Events

  • <event_name> (<type>)
    • Description
    • Parameters
    • Return value


  • $g_var indicates something

Implementation Log

Other Changes


  • Please provide feedback
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