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Enabling Anonymous Access

Mantis can be setup in a way to allow users to access Mantis without having to sign up or login. For security reasons this feature is disabled by default. Mantis allows customising what an anonymous user can access and can modify the same way it does for normal user. This is done by requiring that a user account be created and granted all the required access and then being selected as the account to be used for anonymous access.

  • Create a user account
    • Name: typically “anonymous” or “guest”.
    • Real Name: leave empty.
    • Email: leave empty.
    • Access Level: Typically viewer or reporter depending on the requirement.
    • Enabled: true
    • Protected: true
  • Provide the account with access to the necessary “private” projects. The anonymous user will automatically get access to “public” projects.
  • Set the following configuration options in config_inc.php. In Mantis 1.1.0a1 and above, these configurations can be set through the web interface.
# --- anonymous login -----------
$g_allow_anonymous_login = ON;
$g_anonymous_account = 'anonymous';
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