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 ==== Obtaining a CVE ID ==== ==== Obtaining a CVE ID ====
-Refer to Kurt Seifried's [[|CVE HowTo]] for the process to request a CVE ID.+Fill the form at, following indications on the page.
-The request must include:+  * //Vendor of the product// and //Product// should be set to **MantisBT** 
 +  * a couple of examples for the //Version// field 
 +    - Single version: 2.1.0 and later; fixed in 2.2.1 
 +    - Multiple versions: 1.3.0-beta.3 through 2.2.0, fixed in 1.3.7, 2.2.1 
 +  * //Affected components//: the MantisBT page(s) where the problem exists 
 +  * //References// should include (if public) links to 
 +    - the MantisBT issue  
 +    - Github commit(s) with patches fixing the issue
-  - description of the issue, including but not limited to +Once the form has been submittedthe system will send a confirmation e-mail with a request number; after reviewMITRE'CVE assignment team will send another e-mail with the CVE IDFrom experience, the CVE ID usually gets assigned within one business day.
-     * type, e.g. XSSsql injection... +
-     * which area of Mantis are affected +
-     * potential consequences of exploiting the bug +
-     * indication on severity +
-  - affected MantisBT version(s+
-  link to MantisBT issue +
-  - optionally, information about the reporter (if available and they do not refuse to be quoted) +
-  - information about the patch (i.e. where it can be found, commit SHA) +
-  - optionallyattach the patch itself+
-Here are a few **examples** of public CVE requests: +Note that There are alternatives to request CVE IDs; refer to Kurt Seifried's [[|CVE HowTo]] for further information. 
 +Here are a few **examples** of public CVE requests, requested via the //oss-security Mailing List//
 [[|1]],  [[|1]], 
 [[|2]],  [[|2]], 
Line 96: Line 96:
 [[|4]].  [[|4]]. 
-From experience, the CVE ID usually gets assigned within one business daybut sometimes it takes up to a week.+==== Reference the CVE ID ==== 
 +Once the CVE ID has been assigned, it must be referenced in MantisBT, and used in every communication related to the security issue
 +  * MantisBT's issue tracker (**Mandatory**): prefix the issue's summary with ''CVE-YYYY-XXXX - ''
 +  * in commit messages
 +  * on GitHub pull requests
 +  * in mailing lists discussions
 +  * in announcements (e.g. release notes, blog post, twitter...)
 +  * etc
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