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Time Tracking


This is currently a work in progress. It will be updated as and when I get time or the checked in code's functionally changes.

Configuration Options

Currently the configuration options only exists in config_defaults_inc.php.


Turns Time Tracking features on or off


When single numbers are entered decide if they are hours or minutes. This option will disappear in the next release as all numbers entered will be minutes.


Adds calculation links to workout how much time has been spent between a particular time frame. Currently it will allow you to enter a cost/hour and will work out some billing information. This will become more extensive in the future. Currently it is more of a proof of concept.


Instead of a text field turning this option on places a stopwatch on the page with “Start/Stop” and “Reset” buttons next to it. You must have g_use_javascript switched on for this to take effect. A bit gimickie, but who cares.


The time tracking information is attached to a bugnote. Currently it is using a MySQL TIME column in the database to hold the time component. The current schema does not contain any reference to this as it is still exprimental. To add the column:

ALTER TABLE bugnote_table ADD COLUMN time_tracking TIME DEFAULT 0;

This will be changing to an integer for better database mirgration.

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