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    * **Status**: Draft    * **Status**: Draft
    * **Associated Issue**:    * **Associated Issue**:
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
-**Synopsis**: Design and implement infrastructure for notification events that are adaptable for use by Mantis core and plugins.+Given the potential of the new event system in Mantis 1.2, and the current limitations and difficulties in the Mantis email notification subsystem, a more robust and extensible solution should be put in place.  The first piece of the solution involves creating an extensible infrastructure for generating and handling notifications of changes to projects and issues.  Once the framework is in place for notification events, the email system should be reworked to use the new notifications, and give users more options/features in the process. 
 +==== Goals ==== 
 +  * Provide a simple "API" to create new notifications that can be used by the Mantis core and by plugins
 +  * Act as a stepping stone for creating a more robust replacement for the current email notifications. 
 +  * Allow for plugins to supplement email notification with other communication formats. 
 +  * Allow for plugins to add special data to notifications. 
 +==== Use Cases ==== 
 +  * Allow developers to receive notifications when issues are updated using Twitter, SMS, or IRC. 
 +  * Allow the Source Integration plugin to generate notifications for issues when changesets are committed. 
 +  * Generate diff-style email notification reports for users.
 ===== Implementation Notes ===== ===== Implementation Notes =====
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 ===== Feedback ===== ===== Feedback =====
   * Please provide feedback   * Please provide feedback
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