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Project Page Requirements

Author: Victor Boctor


In Mantis 1.1.0a1 the concept of a project page was introduced. The aim of this page is to allow easily linking to a specific project in the bugtracker. At the moment, the page sets this specified project as the current project and then open the View Issues page. In the future there should be more information on this page, in addition to the ability to click on a link and go to the View Issues page.

Sample Project Page

The Mantis installation hosted at Platon.SK has been extended to add some extra fields to the project entity and adding a project page. The implementation that will be adopted will be the same or very similar to the one over there.

Database Changes

  • Add the following fields to the mantis_project_table
    • License
    • Summary
    • Home Page

Configuration Changes

Add the following configuration options:

  • project_page_num_of_news_entries - The number of news entries to show. These are the most recent N news entries.
  • project_page_num_of_releases - The number of releases to list. The release names will list to the changelog or the release information page (if implemented).
  • project_development_team_threshold - Defaulted to DEVELOPER. Indicates the access level for users to be considered part of the development team.

Project Information

The following information should be included in the project page:

  • Name
  • Summary
  • Description
  • Status
  • License
  • Last N news entries
  • Last N releases
  • Development team (names of development team + access level, sorted by access level, then real name). The user name must link to user email if the logged in user has the appropriate threshold.
  • RSS icon linked to Project Issues feeed.
  • RSS icon linked to Project News feed.
  • A link to older news entries.

Main Page vs. Project Page

On Platon.SK the main_page.php was extended to be the project page. I think that this is not a bad idea. The main_page.php can remain as is in the case of All Projects, but include the above information in case of a specific project is selected.

Redundant Information

The following information is redundant. I think it would be safe to get rid of it in favour to the My View page.

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  • Open and reported by me: 54


Please write your feedback in this section.

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