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MantisBT 1.2.6 release notes

MantisBT 1.2.6 is primarily a bug fix release. This release is a recommended upgrade for all MantisBT users.

Bug fixes


Time tracking and billing

Change list

The complete list of issues fixed in this issue is:

  • 0013171: [administration] Resetting columns configuration in My Account asks for reauthentication (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013163: [authentication] Remove limitation on password length with MD5 authentication (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013174: [installation] Wrong error message when running admin/check.php (atrol) - resolved.
  • 0013168: [html] my_view_page.php: wide legend causes resized issue boxes to shift off-screen (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013150: [time tracking] Getting time tracking when no time tracking notes exist generates warning (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0007952: [time tracking] Minor Improvement - Add label near time used (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0008553: [time tracking] Suggestion: Change menu “Billing” to “Timetrack” (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013130: [time tracking] When getting Time Tracking, scroll bug view page to the section (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013131: [time tracking] Time tracking should print user/real name depending on $g_show_realname (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013132: [time tracking] Print the time tracking information sorted by username (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013133: [time tracking] Time tracking shows entries for users without actual time spent (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013146: [time tracking] Time tracking reporting is only available when billing is enabled (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013007: [sub-projects] Moving an issue to a sub-project changes the category to the default category (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0005926: [administration] 'None' filter on checkbox field doesn't return bugs with a blank custom field value (as opposed to null/undefined values) (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013124: [time tracking] Getting time tracking info yields application error (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0012443: [bugtracker] allows to move a bug into a project with viewer access level (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0012960: [ldap] Email / Realname lookups against LDAP spew warning when account is not in LDAP (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012167: [ldap] LDAP port parameter is ignored (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0013085: [tagging] Manage Tag menu should only work for users with global role (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0012259: [preferences] Default sub-project not selected in extended project browser (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0012998: [authentication] Reset Button with HTTP_AUTH authentication (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0013123: [time tracking] Bug notes of type “reminder” display time tracking information (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013103: [api soap] Error when connecting to API via Mylin (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013000: [api soap] Add soap feature : update a note of a specific issue (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013062: [html] Make strong a valid html tag by default (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013021: [printing] not able to disallow Issue History in printview (atrol) - resolved.
  • 0010323: [api soap] mc_issue_update() will set optional fields to default values rather than leave them with current values (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012991: [api soap] mc_filter_get_issues returns incorrect results for page_number > page_count (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012946: [api soap] mc_user_pref_get_pref, user_pref_get_pref API call (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012794: [api soap] Java Exception when the Issue has an attached file (using mantis plugin in Hudson/Jenkins) (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012932: [api soap] Error triggered when adding a task relationship (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012928: [api soap] Expose note_type and note_attr bug note fields to the SOAP API (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012795: [api soap] Handle the 'user_id' property of attachments (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012694: [api soap] mc_project_version_update - add parameter 'obsolete' (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012887: [api soap] mc_issue_get_biggest_id do wrong (rombert) - resolved.
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