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MantisBT 1.2.6 release notes

MantisBT 1.2.6 is primarily a bug fix release. This release is a recommended upgrade for all MantisBT users.

Bug fixes


The SOAP API has received several important bug fixes and incremental improvements, exposing more of the MantisBT schema attributes.

Time tracking and billing

Multiple fixes and minor improvements have been made to the built-in time tracking/billing feature.

Change list

The complete list of issues fixed in this issue is:

  • 0013171: [administration] Resetting columns configuration in My Account asks for reauthentication (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013163: [authentication] Remove limitation on password length with MD5 authentication (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013174: [installation] Wrong error message when running admin/check.php (atrol) - resolved.
  • 0013168: [html] my_view_page.php: wide legend causes resized issue boxes to shift off-screen (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013150: [time tracking] Getting time tracking when no time tracking notes exist generates warning (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0007952: [time tracking] Minor Improvement - Add label near time used (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0008553: [time tracking] Suggestion: Change menu “Billing” to “Timetrack” (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013130: [time tracking] When getting Time Tracking, scroll bug view page to the section (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013131: [time tracking] Time tracking should print user/real name depending on $g_show_realname (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013132: [time tracking] Print the time tracking information sorted by username (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013133: [time tracking] Time tracking shows entries for users without actual time spent (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013146: [time tracking] Time tracking reporting is only available when billing is enabled (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013007: [sub-projects] Moving an issue to a sub-project changes the category to the default category (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0005926: [administration] 'None' filter on checkbox field doesn't return bugs with a blank custom field value (as opposed to null/undefined values) (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0013124: [time tracking] Getting time tracking info yields application error (dregad) - resolved.
  • 0012443: [bugtracker] allows to move a bug into a project with viewer access level (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0012960: [ldap] Email / Realname lookups against LDAP spew warning when account is not in LDAP (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012167: [ldap] LDAP port parameter is ignored (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0013085: [tagging] Manage Tag menu should only work for users with global role (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0012259: [preferences] Default sub-project not selected in extended project browser (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0012998: [authentication] Reset Button with HTTP_AUTH authentication (dhx) - resolved.
  • 0013123: [time tracking] Bug notes of type “reminder” display time tracking information (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013103: [api soap] Error when connecting to API via Mylin (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013000: [api soap] Add soap feature : update a note of a specific issue (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013062: [html] Make strong a valid html tag by default (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0013021: [printing] not able to disallow Issue History in printview (atrol) - resolved.
  • 0010323: [api soap] mc_issue_update() will set optional fields to default values rather than leave them with current values (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012991: [api soap] mc_filter_get_issues returns incorrect results for page_number > page_count (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012946: [api soap] mc_user_pref_get_pref, user_pref_get_pref API call (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012794: [api soap] Java Exception when the Issue has an attached file (using mantis plugin in Hudson/Jenkins) (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012932: [api soap] Error triggered when adding a task relationship (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012928: [api soap] Expose note_type and note_attr bug note fields to the SOAP API (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012795: [api soap] Handle the 'user_id' property of attachments (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012694: [api soap] mc_project_version_update - add parameter 'obsolete' (rombert) - resolved.
  • 0012887: [api soap] mc_issue_get_biggest_id do wrong (rombert) - resolved.
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