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Globalization Developers

Author: Victor Boctor

  • Actively communicate with translators through the mantisbt-lang mailing list.
  • Monitor issues in 'localization' category, prioritize and help resolve them.
  • Check and commit incoming language translations and apply them to the appropriate code branches.
  • Maintain discussion of language-specific and encoding issues, and aggregate them to be resolved.
  • Help coordinate the development of all multilingual aspects of Mantis.
  • Own the infrastructure related to Mantis globalization / localization and the tools translators use.
  • Make sure the infrastructure allows users extending Mantis to be able to localize their extensions with ease.
  • Enable Translator Role to translate more than just the Mantis user interface. They should be able to translate Wiki pages and manual pages.
  • Contribute articles to the Wiki to tell how new translators can contribute new languages or maintain existing one in an easy and efficient way. These articles should include best practices, tools, etc.
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