Released 2014-02-14
0016775: [General] Issue edit complains about custom fields not defined (vboctor)
0016776: [General] Status colors are not shown properly when user language is not English (vboctor)
0016700: [General] Show filter name instead of id (vboctor)
0016852: [General] Change minimum supported MantisBT version from 1.2.5 to 1.2.12 (vboctor)
0016870: [General] Support Spanish localization (vboctor)
0016942: [General] Support fixed_in_version and target_version fields (vboctor)
0016944: [General] Show prev button on view issues when not on page 1 (vboctor)
0016974: [General] Some icons are missing from using https (vboctor)
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