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0011932mantisbtadministrationpublic2010-05-17 10:38
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Product Version1.2.1 
Summary0011932: html_api.php, print_manage_menu(); when signaling EVENT_MENU_MANAGE event to the plugins, additional parameter is needed

i develop a plugin, which adds a section in manage submenu.
i found out that there is no way to indicate if that section is active or not (for the build-in sections, the active one doesn't appear as link)

so, i found a solution, which might be a good one :

@@@ html_api.php, line 987

  • $t_event_menu_options = event_signal( 'EVENT_MENU_MANAGE');
  • $t_event_menu_options = event_signal( 'EVENT_MENU_MANAGE', $p_page );

passing that argument to the plugin event handler seems to be sufficient.
in my plugin page i call print_manage_menu() with unique, plugin specific parameter which i expect in the event handler function for EVENT_MENU_MANAGE event.

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