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0013672mantisbthtmlpublic2019-05-26 01:35
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Product Version1.2.8 
Summary0013672: Tree view for 'View Issues' page

To visualize a parent/child relationship, I propose a different view for the 'View Issues' page (see additional information).

The use case for this is a bit of a project management one: if you see the open issues for all parent issues on one sight, you have got a better overview of what is to be done to get all the parent issues to a resolved status and maybe you can also identify an issue that is blocking more than one issue faster.

Additional Information

The visiualization concept is based on two prerequisites:

  • a new relationship type parent/child (which should not be a problem as we are already able to customize this)
  • a tree view for 'View Issues' page as shown below:
    | Issue 1 (parent of Issue 1.1 and 1.2)
    | |
    Issue 1.1 (child of Issue 1 and 3, parent of Issue 1.1.1)
    | | | Issue 1.1.1 (child of Issue 1.1)
    | |
    Issue 1.2 (child of Issue 1)
    | Issue 2 (no parent/child relationship)
    Issue 3 (parent of Issue 1.1 and 3.1)
    | | Issue 1.1 (child of Issue 1 and 3, parent of Issue 1.1.1)
    | | |
    Issue 1.1.1 (child of Issue 1.1)
    | | Issue 3.1 (child of Issue 3)
    Issue 4 (no parent/child relationship)
    |_ Issue 5 (no parent/child relationship)

My imagination is that there is a posibility to collapse/expand the issues which are part of a parent/child relationship.

It would maybe be better to limit this view to x levels, so that it doesn't look to crowded if you expand many levels.

Maybe the code for this tree view could be reused for viewing projects and sub-projects, especially on manage_proj_page.php.

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2011-12-13 05:10

developer   ~0030575

Question: why the need of a new parent/child relationship type ? I would rather use the existing one.

Suggestion: as a workaround, the Changelog and Roadmap views partially give you this already (not with the collapsible branches, but child indentations). Since this is driven by custom functions, you may be able to tweak this to achieve what you want.



2011-12-13 06:55

reporter   ~0030581

Concerning the relationship type: I am using a german Mantis UI, so I just saw the localized strings for the german UI ('parent of' == 'abhängig von', 'child of' == 'blockiert') and in my opinion the german localization doesn't really show the relationship in the same way as the english localization does. So, no need to change anything there, except the localized german strings maybe.

Concerning your suggestion for the tree view: you are right with the workaround using Changelog and Roadmap. One drawback is that you don't have as much information available as you have on 'View Issues' page and that these pages are not configurable by the user. Also, for Changelog and Roadmap you have to use versions, if I am right.

We are going to check if the solution with Changelog and Roadmap is feasible for us, but if somebody has another solution for this I would be glad.

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