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0014042mantisbtadministrationpublic2012-03-13 11:37
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Summary0014042: Create a default credential: "NONE"

I really miss a credential which has rights to nothing, not even to see the projects in the project list in which the user is assigned as NONE

Let say I am working with 100 hundred projects and I want some of my clients to report only to one project while some others to other project as well.

This means I have use another credentials (eg. updater or a custom one), set all the projects restricted, and assign some users to some project as updater.

It would be way more natural if I could create all users with globally "none" credentials, and assign them as reporters to the project which they have access to.

Again, there is a way to do it, but I think this would make the system even better. Pretty much all its need to have a credential which considers all the project as "restricted"

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