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Summary0014736: UI changes for filter property 'match type'

As commented by @atrol:

What I don't like that much is the UI.
It introduces a new grey row where the value is shown right beside the option.
Maybe rearranging the layout so that all values are shown below the option is
This would need also changes for the existing "Note By", "Sort By" and "Project"

IMO the new match type "Any Conditions" is sometimes a bit confusing because a user does not know which field is considered mandatory (AND) and which one is not (OR)
I agree that 0014737 is what most users need for their daily work, but not what is expected when you think that all fields are "OR"ed.

The most confusing field with "Any Conditions" match type when using simple filters is "Hide Status".
Maybe it would be better to treat "Hide Status" independent from match type.

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