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Summary0014832: When resolving an issue, developer is assigned even when "assign to" is left blank

When resolving an issue, if no option is selected for "assign to", the developer still gets assigned when clicking "resolve"

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2012-10-16 06:59

developer   ~0033211

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Behavior is confirmed. The setting of handler is done by bug_resolve() function, when the handler_id is null/0, in which case the function sets it to Current User when resolving the issue.

As far as I can tell, this is intended behavior, although I guess the valididty of this design is debatable, and in any case the fact that bug_change_status_page.php allows the user to set the handler to blank, and that choice is then overridden by bug_resolve() is not consistent.

There are two approaches:

  1. current design is good ==> bug_change_status_page.php should not provide option to set a blank user
  2. revise design ==> bug_resolve() should no longer set the handler_id to current user, but in that case the bug_actiongroup.php page should pass the current user's id instead of null to bug_resolve(), or alternatively be revised to allow user to specify the handler


2016-10-31 12:40

reporter   ~0054359

I am definitely in favor of the second alternative "revise design". Would it be a solution to change the line

if( null == $p_handler_id ) {

in bug_resolve to

if( null === $p_handler_id ) {

Or is there any problem with bug_actiongroup.php when you change the code like this? I tried at least every case that came to my mind when resolving via bug_change_status_page.php, and there were no problems from my point of view. Cases I tried:

  • handler -> no handler
  • handler -> same handler
  • handler -> other handler
  • no handler -> handler

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