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0017486mantisbtsub-projectspublic2018-09-03 10:07
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Product Version1.2.17 
Summary0017486: I cannot mass-update "target version" into a parent project milestone

I have a milestone in my child project with some issues in it. I want to update the target version of those issues to a milestone in the parent project. When I check all of the issues and do an "Update target version" I cannot select any of the parent project versions.

Yet if I edit any of the issues, I can set the target version to any of the parent project's versions. Why can't I do this to many issues at once?

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has duplicate 0022218 closedatrol Inherited Target Version not selectable during "bulk edit" 
related to 0022959 acknowledged Cannot mass-update Category across multiple projects 




2014-07-06 05:35

developer   ~0040879

Behavior reproducible on latest 1.2.x and master.

Same issue with 'fixed in version' too



2014-11-04 05:58

reporter   ~0041758


2017-05-18 10:10

reporter   ~0056889

@dregad, we utilize the sub-projects feature extensively where I work, and it would be amazing to be able to update product version information for sub-project issues using the "parent" project.



2017-05-18 11:37

developer   ~0056900 I unfortunately do not have the time to work on this. You are welcome to submit a pull request with a proposed fix, though.

2017-05-18 11:54

reporter   ~0056901

@dregad Thanks for the heads up. I'll hopefully get a chance to take a look at this soon, as it would be a great feature to have.



2017-05-19 02:56

developer   ~0056903 Great, let me know if you heed help. Looking forward to your contribution



2017-12-04 10:35

reporter   ~0058311

as workaround you can show the list of all projects:
Parent releases do not show up in pull down. To work around that we are listing all project releases. This is accomplished by changing a flag $t_multiple_projects from false to true on the bug_actiongroup_page.php file in the mantis root folder.


run through the issues to see if they are all from one project

$t_project_id = ALL_PROJECTS;

Changed to display all projects at all times.
Necessary to be able to link issues from sub-projects to parent-project releases.
// $t_multiple_projects = false;
$t_multiple_projects = true;