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Summary0019556: Language selection difficult when GUI in foreign language

When logging into a demo Mantis account where a previous user had changed the languages preferences, I could not read the link labels to navigate to change back to my native language.

Could Mantis compare the Browser language to the user's My Account active language and, if they differ, then display a 'Localization' link in the Browser language and/or Mantis default language?

If a language pop-up menu selector appears, it would be nice if a secondary commit button appeared which was relabeled in the Target language as soon as the pop-up selection changes. (Or change the original and add a 'Cancel' button which stays in the active language. )

Steps To Reproduce

Go to
Log in to a demo account (I used ScrumMaster)
My Account
Language: German (choose a language you cannot read. Or worse, one with an unfamiliar alphabet)
Update Prefs
Close Browser
Log in again

Try to remember where the above links were since you can't read the labels.

I had to log into an alternate browser and use a different user account as a navigation aid.

Additional Information

Discussion on StackOverFlow on detecting Browser language

Snippet from a bug report on correctly setting language:
switch( $g_active_language ) {
case 'french':
$s_my_start_date = 'Date de d├ębut';

    # Default language, as defined in config_inc.php
    # ($g_default_language, English in this case)
    $s_my_start_date = 'Start Date';


Interesting discussion of graphical icons for language selection:

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