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0019680mantisbtplug-inspublic2015-04-30 03:37
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Product Version1.3.0-beta.2 
Summary0019680: One action causing multiple plugin events

There are cases where one user action causes multiple plugin events. This causes integrations like slack / hipchat and likely others to generate two independent events for a single logical action that the user took. For example:

  • User update an issue + add a comment - this generates issue updated + note added independent events.

  • User added a note + attached a file - from memory we don't have file updated event now, but if we do, we are likely to end up with two independent events.

We could approach this issue by:

  1. Combine the two events into one - in this case an update event may include a note addition as well, for example. Though this may get tricky based on what events we are trying to combine.

  2. Introduce a page shutdown event - hence, even though we may generate N events per page, we give the plugin a chance to potentially combine these as necessary as part of the shutdown event and take an action then. This may also defer processing of plugin code like we do with email.

Feels like option 2 may make sense given our recent changes.





2015-04-30 03:37

developer   ~0050678

I think option 1 would require a fairly major refactoring exercise; option 2 makes more sense IMO.

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