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0020051mantisbtcustomizationpublic2018-04-23 15:48
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Product Version1.3.0-beta.3 
Summary0020051: Config fields to hide rather than fields to show

Often users want to hide a field or two. To do that they typically would hard code the rest of the list as the value for the config values below.


That has two issues:

  • If more native fields added in the future, they will be hidden by default.
  • It is harder to read the intent of the configuration.

I wonder if we should add similar configs that would have in the array the fields to hide. We could even continue to support the above fields, but recommend using the others to hide fields.

If a field is in the include and hide list, then hide wins.

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2015-08-24 02:21

developer   ~0051301

This issue will not be solved if we continue to support the old options

  • If more native fields added in the future, they will be hidden by default.

Consider that there are also options like enable_product_build, enable_profiles, enable_eta, enable_projection, enable_sponsorship that influence the visibility.

I am not sure if introducing new options without desupporting old options will introduce some confusion.



2015-08-24 11:45

manager   ~0051306

Looks like we need to rationalize the configuration associated with the following requirements:

  1. Disabling a field across all of MantisBT (enable_xxx style).
  2. Re-ordering fields on pages like report, update, view, etc.
  3. Hiding fields on specific pages like hide severity on report, but have it available on update.
  4. Hiding fields based on access level.

We should brainstorm options. We may decide to deprecate options. We may also decide to leave everything as is :) -- will add more as I think about this more.



2015-08-24 14:05

developer   ~0051307

There are even more feature requests, e.g. users want the visibility on certain pages based on status

Next will be to have the visibility based on priority, access level, ....

Maybe offering an event for plugins to hide fields is an option.
Thus, you could write a plugin that's implements just your original feature request, you don't have to deprecate any existing option, you can write other plugins that hide fields based on whatever the author wants, ...

Of course, I would prefer to have some more base functionality in core, have a nice UI for it, ...
But this is a major redesign, maybe in version 3.0 ;-)



2018-04-23 15:48

reporter   ~0059655

Just linking a couple forum posts for this often-requested feature.
Removing default fields
Removing profile fields
User here wants to hide profile fields because they're not required, and then add custom fields for same data because those can easily be set to be required. (Note this expands this ticket to include concept of a field not just being visible or not but being required or not).

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