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Summary0020589: Can't connect to Heroku's PostgreSQL Server (v9.4.5)

With Mantis application installed on Heroku, and targeting a Heroku-provisioned PostgreSQL (v9.4.5) database, clicking "Install/Upgrade Database" fails with message "Does administrative user have access to the database? (Database connection failed.)"

The problem is at line 403 of admin/install.php, where an attempt to connect to the server is made, but no database name is specified.

Attempting to access the server in this way from psql causes the following error:

$ psql -h -U oudlhsghpwgpxh
Password for user oudlhsghpwgpxh:
psql: FATAL: database "oudlhsghpwgpxh" does not exist

Adding $f_database_name as an additional parameter to the $g_db->Connect() call at line 403 causes the connection attempt to succeed, and thereafter all table creation steps and checks succeed.

Additional Information

It's not clear to me whether the problem is with PostgreSQL 9.4.5 per se, or whether it's something in how Heroku in particular configures their PostgreSQL servers.

In any event, this is an issue for deploying to Heroku and using their PostgreSQL offering, since the DB admin capabilities Heroku offers are exceedingly limited.

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