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0020607mantisbtfeaturepublic2016-02-16 16:09
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Product Version1.2.19 
Summary0020607: Search on ticket activity / filterable audit log

It would be supremely helpful to be able to search on ticket activity, to be able to discern things like:

  • Which tickets had activity on them between this and that date?
  • What was the activity
  • For this project? That project? This severity? That reporter? Activity by whom?
  • Activity with that in the subject is spammy; what doesn't include that?

I've had to resort to using direct SQL queries to find these out. For example, this is what I'm using to find out what I was doing on a given day...but it's by no means complete (it only reports bugnote activity)

mantis.mantis_bug_table ON DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(mantis_bugnote_table.date_submitted)) = '2016-01-18'
AND mantis_bugnote_table.bug_id =
AND handler_id = 2
AND mantis_bugnote_table.reporter_id = 2
AND summary NOT LIKE 'Bareos%: %'
mantis.mantis_bugnote_text_table ON mantis_bugnote_table.bugnote_text_id =
AND note NOT LIKE 'Email from: bareos@%';</blockquote>

Additional Information

My first variation on this query used date_submitted >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP('(some date)') AND date_submitted <= UNIX_TIMESTAMP('(some other date)'). But that's a hassle if I'm manually going day by day. But it's the more efficient approach if you add indexes on the various date_submitted columns.

Without the index, you'll have to do a full table scan. A full table scan isn't a big deal for me right now at only 15.2K rows on the bugnote table, but it could be a problem for some people.

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