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0021836mantisbtfilterspublic2017-10-21 12:21
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Product Version2.0.0-rc.1 
Summary0021836: Category names are case sensitive

If some projects have "Category1" and others have "category1", going to All Projects and click Category in th filter will show two entries "Category1" and "category1". If case is fixed, they will appear as a single category entry.

I have found this issue on 2.0.0-rc.1, but it is likely applicable to 1.3.3 as well.

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related to 0023515 closedatrol Same user name can be created with different case names 




2017-10-21 12:16

developer   ~0058011

Category names should be checked at creation time with case-insensitiveness
That way:

  • "category1" can't be created if "Category1" already exists
  • Avoid having two actual categories "category1" and "Category1" in case sensitive databases (typically: pgsql, oracle)

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