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0021947mantisbtuipublic2017-01-27 13:48
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Product Version2.0.0-rc.1 
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Summary0021947: Required custom fields whose type is radio or checkbox do not display with a red asterisk.

I have checked the styles using the Chrome developer tools and that confirms that the radio or checkbox fields do not have the class "required".

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related to 0021886 confirmed custom fields whose type is radio or checkbox display in bold 
related to 0022270 confirmed Marked as required marker is missing on custom fields page 




2016-11-23 15:38




2016-11-23 15:39

reporter   ~0054570

this is similar to 0021886



2016-11-23 16:23

developer   ~0054571

Requiring checkbox input is not possible.
How do you want to check that the user entered a value?

Requiring radio input should be possible, but offering a radio box without a selected default value is no good practice.



2016-11-24 09:44

reporter   ~0054576

I found a solution that also fixes 0021886. see attached patch file

patch for 21886 and 21947.txt (838 bytes)
# This patch file was generated by NetBeans IDE
# It uses platform neutral UTF-8 encoding and \n newlines.
--- a/<html>bug_report_page.php (<b>02-Nov-2016 14:19:33</b>)</html>
+++ b/<html><b>Current File</b></html>
@@ -601,11 +601,9 @@
 		<th class="category">
-			<?php if( $t_def['type'] != CUSTOM_FIELD_TYPE_RADIO && $t_def['type'] != CUSTOM_FIELD_TYPE_CHECKBOX ) { ?>
 				<label for="custom_field_<?php echo string_attribute( $t_def['id'] ) ?>"<?php if( $t_def['require_report'] ) {?> class="required"<?php } ?>>
 					<?php echo string_display( lang_get_defaulted( $t_def['name'] ) ) ?>
-			<?php } else { echo string_display( lang_get_defaulted( $t_def['name'] ) ); } ?>
 			<?php print_custom_field_input( $t_def, ( $f_master_bug_id === 0 ) ? null : $f_master_bug_id ) ?>


2016-11-24 12:15

reporter   ~0054578

when there are several options for a checkbox input, it is possible to make it mandatory; I agree that with one option only, requiring it makes no sense.
The checkbox input is in terms of possible choices equivalent to a list input (cf.
If it is possible to require a list input, then it should also be the case for the checkbox, if there are several options.
I agree that requiring a radio input without a selected default value is not fine.

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