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0021950mantisbtfeaturepublic2016-11-25 20:44
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Product Version1.3.2 
Summary0021950: Allow users to unsubscribe from a discussion

Being able to unsubscribe from an issue, i.e. no longer receiving update notifications for it, would be a nice addition. If someone just adds a comment to the discussion, they are automatically subscribed and as far as I can see they cannot unsubscribe from it. This might not be desirable if someone just adds a trivial comment to the bug discussion, like "have you tried doing X?" or "cannote reproduce Y". In particular if that person is just a regular user and not a project member, they are probably not interested in following this discussion forever.





2016-11-25 02:09

manager   ~0054581

To support this, we need to implement a "mute" feature similar to the "monitor" feature, but has the opposite effect. Mute would take precedence over all notifications type. Users should also be able to un-mute. This will require a schema change.



2016-11-25 02:52

developer   ~0054583

An alternative approach that does not require a schema change would be to rely on the "monitoring" feature, i.e. instead of hardwiring the notifications for any user having added a note, we would add them to the monitoring list instead.

This could be coupled with a setting indicating whether note additions should by default cause monitoring of the issue by default or not.



2016-11-25 08:01

reporter   ~0054587

@dregad, that sounds sensible to me in the way that some of my users actually always add themselves to the monitor list for their newly created issues, probably because they believe that otherwise they won't receive any notifications. It seems like a natural solution to me and brings less UI clutter (same amount of buttons as before the change).



2016-11-25 16:19

manager   ~0054590

@dregad The issue with using the approach of auto-adding to monitor list, is that email notification configurations option about when to notify a user that reported an issue note will either continue to trigger the notification or if unchecked then once we have multiple features doing the same, there will no fine control of notifications, since all notifications would be triggered by users monitoring the issue.

If we are to support this, then I would rather have a mute function. If we want to do it without a schema change, then we can have a plugin with its own functionality and schema that adds the muting functionality and drops users that are on the mute list by hooking to the appropriate events.



2016-11-25 17:06

developer   ~0054591

A bit dirty, but would work without schema change:
Use bug_monitor table with negative user_id for users that unsubscribe.

I am a bit wondering about the use case for it.
I never added a note to an issue where I was not interested in what will happen after that.

Regarding the mentioned note "have you tried doing X?"
Typically there will be an answer, maybe: "I tried, but ..., can you provide some more details? .."
After adding the mentioned "cannote reproduce Y", it is also quite typical that a developer asks for additional details.

In both cases, the developer would have to look at the list of unsubscribed users, to find out if the user who added the note will get notification.



2016-11-25 20:44

reporter   ~0054595

@atrol: To give an example from this bug tracker:
I added a comment there giving some technical information that might be relevant to the issue, but in the end I do not really want to continue receiving notifications on this issue since I cannot do anything about it anyway.

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