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0022260mantisbtfeaturepublic2017-01-27 04:25
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Summary0022260: Feature Request: notify that the ticket is already assigned


The feature request I'm asking you is the next:

When I assign an unassigned ticket to a user, Mantis verify whether it is assigned at the moment I try to assign it. In case it has been just assigned but I didn't notice because I didn't refresh my screen and I see it as unassigned, notify me and let me decide to assign it anyway or decline my new assignment.

It could be better if in the notification message it can include the user who has the ticket assigned.

I hope that my request is clear.
Thank you.

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2017-01-27 04:25

manager   ~0055371

When updating an issue we check that the issue was not modified by other users before accepting the new change. The same can be applied to changes like assigning the issue. Given the low chance of this happening, it is unlikely to be implemented soon. Contributions are welcome.

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