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0022372mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2017-02-14 14:09
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Summary0022372: "Invisible" email custom field blocks bug_report.php

I assigned a custom field to a project. The settings for the custom field were:

Type: email
Read Access : developer
Write Access: developer
Display When Reporting Issues: yes

If I try to report an issue as someone with lower access level (reporter - the custom field is now of course not visible for me ), I get an error message:

Invalid value for field "custom field developer"."

That's line 187 in bug_report.php.

Additional Information

I first thought this is some kind of problem with the access level of the reporting user.
It seems like bug_report.php first validates the custom fields attached to the project (around line 180), but it checks all the attached custom fields, regardless of the user's access level. It then handles the value submission (around line 220), this time with checking the access level.

What confuses me is the fact that this just happens with custom fields of type "email". I tried it with type "text" aswell, no error message.

So maybe some problem when checking if the given value is a valid email address? Since I'm not able to change the value as a user with access level "reporter" on bug_report_page.php, I guess bug_report.php just goes with the default value, which of course is an empty string.

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